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Guest blog! 3 green flags to look for in a creative agency

Quilted Squirrel: TEXT: Guest Star. IMAGE: A Polaroid photo depicts a young man with dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, beige coat, and purple shirt.

This blog is written by aspiring brand marketer, Amit Gulati, with light edits from Quilted Squirrel. “The Great Resignation.”  “Worker shortage.”  “Nobody wants to work anymore!”  As legend Marvin Gaye once asked, “What’s going on?”  We’re seeing employees and employers alike reconsider their priorities, and it’s clearly created some havoc in the workplace—especially for me, […]

Brand it. Brand it real good.

Brand it. Brand it real good. Branding 101: An Introduction to Branding If you’ve been hunting for marketing services, or if you just happen to mingle in the company of those peculiar marketing folk, you’ve likely seen or heard the word “brand” and other brand-related terms (brand identity, brand awareness, brand messaging, brand strategy, brand […]

Win Some, Grew Some

As of this moment, I’ve spent over 1,600 days (4+ years to the lay person) as the proud co-owner of a marketing agency. That experience has awarded me many perks. For starters, I have my own parking space. Right by the front door. Sure, it’s unmarked and “unofficial,” but as long as I get to […]

An Old Man’s Journey Through The Technology Revolution

As the resident elder (i.e. The Old Guy) here at TQS, the youngsters milling around the office often ask me to tell them about “the good ol’ days”. So, when I’m not yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn, or wearing my underwear outside of my pants, I’ll often entertain my young […]

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