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The Tale of St. Bonaventure and their Video Booth

St. Bonaventure University is a Franciscan university located in Olean, NY — but you probably knew this, already, because WNY is a fairly small place. And because of their strong Franciscan roots — St. Francis. Friars. Religion. Mass. Compassion. Poverty. — they wanted to highlight their Franciscan character in a way that speaks to a [ view the rest ]

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What happens when an ad agency gets a ten-page pull out ad in a major local publication?

Someone let us buy a lot of ad space. What happened next can only be described as “advertising.” We took one of those pages and created a cutout doll for every person on staff. Nude cutouts. We took another page and created a slew of cutout clothing, toys, accessories, costumes, snacks and even some barnyard [ view the rest ]

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