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Dennise’s Top 5 Apps

As the Internet teaches us, everyone loves a good list! From best and worst dressed to the most beautiful places to travel to, we are constantly looking for what makes something good and bad based on “expert” opinions. I decided, in this vine, to create a list of my favorite (aka best) mobile apps and how/why I use them. (I am no expert, but I think I am pretty handy with online gizmos... enjoy!)

–  the fastest and easiest way to search for businesses near you.

Full disclosure, I am part of the Buffalo Yelp Elite Squad. If you don’t know what that entails here is a link to learn a little bit about it.

I use the Yelp app on a daily base and whenever I travel. (FYI: It is really good in the US, but internationally TripAdvisor is still the standard.) I use it for different things like:

  • business’ hours,
  • directions to places, and
  • the synthesis of reviews about the best and worst aspects of a particular location, event, or place near by.

I found this site so helpful, that I wanted to contribute myself! I not only write reviews and leave rankings, but also use it to leave tips and post photos that could be useful to other users visiting those locations. Yelp is my favorite app! It helps me discover what is good to see and eat in the areas I am visiting.

– a fun & creative way to capture edit & share photos as well as create videos & messages with friends & family.

I use Instagram to share photos of pretty places I visit, fun things I do, funny things my dog does, and delicious things my girlfriend cooks. I also like to see the pretty pictures my friends and other people create. It is an easy social networking device that provides a different outlet for my artistic creativity. I personally have nothing negative to say about this app.

– allows you to share the different brews you’re currently enjoying as well as where you’re enjoying it.

I started using Untappd to learn more about types of beer and how to drink them. Living in Buffalo makes it impossible to avoid drinking some beer, especially now that there are so many new breweries opening all over town. I use the app to keep a record of which beers and ciders I have tried, and I score how much I liked or disliked them. It’s also fun to collect the different badges you get from drinking beer. The only downfall is that everyone now knows how much I like drinking!

Duolingo – the world’s most popular way to learn a language. It’s 100% free, fun, and science-based.

I am using Duolingo to learn French. Though I speak English and Spanish fluently, it has always been my goal to learn a third language. This app really is fun and easy to use. It has a game-like road map you follow to learn different language skills. It starts with basics, like words for food, phrases, and animals and increases in skill to things like adjectives, plurals, prepositions and so on. After a while, especially the further you go, the app encourages you to go back and redo some of the exercises to keep the skills fresh in your mind and make sure you don’t forget them.

As much as I like this app, I don’t feel it will teach me the whole language. According to Duolingo I am currently at 44%, which I feel is an exaggerated estimate of my skill level. I do feel it is a good base. My plan is after reaching 60% to start watching a Netflix show with French voiceover and English subtitles. Hopefully, by doing, that I’ll be able to start recognizing words and sentence structure.

  – connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.

I use Facebook mostly to stay in touch with old friends & family as well as find out what’s going on back home in Puerto Rico. I also like to share photos, news, and articles with people. It also helps me keep my social calendar busy by discovering events near me. As everyone knows, their privacy settings change all of the time, so it is important to keep up with them!

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