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Well, it’s that time of year again. BBQ season. Strawberry season. NFL Training Camp. In a word – Summer. The start of many things, but the end of the dreaded school season (cue Alice Cooper). That great time when 12 weeks of lazy, hazy days await, and half-days, caps and gowns and yearbook season (where good memories and bad photos live on for eternity) are all that remain.

In the spirit of the school season coming to a close, we give you the TQS Yearbook Edition — a special interview given to those in “the dark side” of our office – the creative services team of Chris, Dennise, and Mark, who’s work stations are lit by only the glowing senses of their visual aesthetics.

What prestigious yearbook title would you win?

While Chris and Dennise felt they’d duke it out for “best hair,” Mark hoped for the title for “best hats,” which would be well deserved, since seeing Mark without a hat would be like having a pet tiger- rare. And somewhat unsettling.

You drive to work. What is your most listened to song/station during your commute?

Mark jams out to Interpol, Yo La Tengo, Barnaby Carter and Tim Hecker. We also don’t know who the hell they are. Dennise listens to NPR’s Bird Note—which is exactly as it sounds, about birds. Chris, oddly enough, prefers to keep things a little more traditional, enjoying the local likes of WBFO 88.7 and WGR550. He can always be counted on for regular Sabres updates throughout the season – whether you’re into it or not.

What is your favorite TQS lunch?

TQS lunch represents a bit of a free for all for those on the dark side. Chris is a reliable luncher, facilitating daily recruiting efforts for local group lunch outings. Dennise however, likes to keep things a little more chill, preferring the BYOL routine. If you are nice, maybe she will trade for a fruit roll up. Mark follows Rachael’s meal plan.**

What is your favorite workday snack?

Beggars can’t be choosers. To be clear, we’re not calling the creative team “beggars,” but let’s just say they’re typically not the first ones to offer up a home cooked baked good. But whether it’s an early morning, mid-morning, late morning, early afternoon, mid afternoon, late afternoon or late day snack, let’s just say the folks on the creative team don’t hesitate to participate.

What is your favorite kind of juice?

Apple. Unanimous. Also, anonymous.

If you could plan a TQS field trip, where would you want to go?

Assuming we could catch a ride on the Magic School Bus, Dennise would take TQS to the North Pole for some cookies and milk with Santa. Chris would prefer we all travel to Mars (not surprisingly, we often openly wonder what planet Chris is from…j/k, Chris!) Mark is content with going home every night. Thrilling.

As it happens, Chris was referring to the candy company. Our bad.

If TQS had a pep band, what would be their go-to-song? 

Spiderwebs (No Doubt) and Thriftshop (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) claim the title for this one. *** New life goals.

What sport should TQS add to the office?

Most had no clue what the hell this question meant. For those who had a clue, track and field, hockey and Frisbee golf were of interest. But, it should be noted that, due to previous “office sports,” two TQS pint glasses, at least one keyboard, and several notebooks have found their demise. To the victors go the spoils. And to the losers, a soiled desk.

What T.V. show is most talked about at TQS?

Hands down, The Office. Also, we would have accepted “snakes.”

Which meme best describes TQS? Which emoji?

The jury is out on this one. However, as long as there are poop emoji’s and are no Kanye West meme’s, all are content.

What would you be SO embarrassed to be seen wearing at the office, but secretly love?

Dennise would stroll in wearing beach sandals and socks. Mark, a fanny pack. And Chris? He’d love a classy pair of Bills Zubaz pants. Watch our Twitter and Facebook accounts for when that day arrives.

If you could choose an animal for a TQS office pet, what would it be?

With all the squirrel gifts we’ve already received, the group (together) chose a peacock. As luck would have it, Steve has recently had a live peacock hanging out in his yard. True story. Ask him. He’ll tell you about it. Ad nauseam.

Which celebrity would you most like to have dinner with, dead or alive?

No debate here. David Hasselhoff, dead.


*If you have had the pleasure of visiting TQS headquarters you know that our design team works with the lights off, so one side of the office is perpetually dark

**Rachael’s meal plan will be explained in a future blog post of its own… stay tuned.

***10 Mind-Blowing College Marching Band Covers


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