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A Squirrely Encounter. Meet Rachael!

You may remember a while back, we were hiring. Well, we hired. We hired real good. Meet Rachael, the newest member of our team. We wanted you to get to know her a little better. And when you think of the people you know best, the answer is undoubtedly “celebrities whose interviews I read in an ’80s teen magazine.” And so, without further delay:

Rachael Answers 20 Intimate Questions Asked of Johnny Depp in a 1988 teen magazine.

1. What do you like best about 21 Jump Street?

For most people, it’s all about the characters and the plot, you know, the story line. For me, I think it’s just pretty clutch that I get to go to work with some pretty boss people who are helping me as I strive to become America’s next heartthrob.

2. How do you compare to Tommy Hanson1?

Hmm…great question…I think for Tommy it’s really about how he carries himself, his swag. Tommy has a pretty rad mop on his head; we both put a lot of care into working with our natural hair parts. Tommy is just really flash…we both relate to ripped jeans paired with a leather coat.

3. Do you ever contribute to the 21 Jump Street scripts?

I talk a lot… so on occasion something will find its way in the script.

4. Do you have a favorite episode?

Yes, that would have to be Back to School, because who doesn’t want to re-live all the best moments of high school again.

5. Will future episodes deal with more personal aspects of character’s lives?

Now that’s a pretty personal question… get it! Haha! Probably not, that just isn’t what Jump Street is about.

6. Does your family watch 21 Jump Street?

Absolutely not, it upsets my dog to see me like that.

7. When did you first become interested in music?

I remember that moment very clearly. It would have to be in 1971 when I first heard Rod Stewart sing “Maggie May.” It was like an awakening for my musical soul.2

8. When did you learn to play guitar?

Middle School. It was like ok, you seem to have “hot cross buns” down on the recorder, let’s try something a little more advanced- insert guitar. Fortunately, for the greater good of society I have baby hands that prevent me from playing with any real talent.

9. When did you start playing in bands?

Around the age of 12, immediately following my first musical interaction with one of those wooden frogs that your run the stick across their back.

10. Will you ever cut an album?

I hope so. I’d really love to collaborate with Rod [Stewart] on a little somethin’ somethin’.

11. Will you sing on Holly Robinson’s album?

If she would have me… I mean that girl is big league- she was on Sesame Street. Maybe she and I could work with Rod.

12. Where did you grow up?

Born and raised in Hamburg, NY. I’m a lifer.

13. Any brothers or sisters?

I have one brother. I always looked up to him as a kid and still do. He has an intense beard…one of the funniest people you will ever meet.

14. What were you like as a kid?

Definitely 5 going on 15. A real goody two shoes. I grew up on a street full of boys so it was like having multiple personalities. One minute I would be playing dress up, pretending to be a princess, and the next I was decked out in camo playing war through the mud puddle in the backyard.

15. When you were in school, did you have to deal with peer pressure?

Sure, what kid doesn’t? But it’s not about what other people think, at the end of the day is about knowing and accepting that you are a seal in a pack of sea lions…and that is a ok.3

16. Is it true that you dropped out of high school?

Yes, everyone drops out of high school right after getting their diplomas.4

17. How did you get into acting?

By accident. It wasn’t at all like I was “discovered,” I was really not sure who I wanted to be, so I pretended to be someone else. The rest is history.5

18. What’s your favorite acting role so far?

Well it is actually a role I haven’t played yet…Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean. I can’t wait to grow a goatee!

19. How do you feel about being in the spotlight?

When I see the spotlight, I take one step left.

20. What’s the best address to write to you, Johnny?

I live with my Friends @ 425 grove street, apt 20, New York, NY. 6   1: Tommy Hanson is the character played by Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street. 2: Rachael looks incredibly young for someone who has memories of 1971. It’s unbelievable. She’s always talking about Apollo 14 and we’re like, hey Rachael, you’re the only one who remembers that. 3: The main difference between a seal and a sea lion is in the ears. Sea lions are better listeners. 4: Rachael has an MBA. 5: Current role: Business Development Manager at The Quilted Squirrel. 6: She can usually be found at Central Perk.   In case you’re interested, here is the original interview with Johnny Depp as it appeared in the March 1988 issue of Sixteen Magazine.


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