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Hi. My name is Rachael, and I am a “foodie.[1]” So you have heard someone proclaim themselves a foodie? But what does that actually mean? Well, according to the all-knowing, a foodie [foo-dee], is “a person who is keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.” That’s me! Much to everyone’s shock – okay, my shock – “foodie” is not a new term. According to the Washington Post, the term was first used in the early 1980s. It gained further notoriety in 1984 when “The Official Foodie Handbook” was released by Ann Barr & Paul Levy[2].

Thankfully, a lot has changed since the early ‘80s- yes, I am talking to you Michael Bolton’s hair. No, not you John Stamos. We will always love you! #OikosGreekYogert #FullHouse. (Its ok, I can “#” that because I am a millennial.)

So, this is all well and good, but what do foodies have to do with TQS? And, more importantly, you? Well, in a nutshell (get it?) the food craze, especially among millennials, has become a cultural revolution of sorts, captivating all things social media. If you don’t believe me, take a quick peek at your phone (assuming it too has changed since the ‘80s). Let’s just say, “if I had a nickel” for every food related pic or post on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. (you name it), I would probably be better friends with Warren Buffett.

Food has become an expression of creativity. A form of art. Have you ever seen a painting as beautiful as a saucy chicken wing? It invokes and provokes envy. It is an adventure and experience. Together or apart. At home or out. Recipe or freestyle. From experts to amateurs, people are eating up food trends and are making sure everyone else is getting a healthy serving, too.

So listen up restaurateurs, chefs, farmers and kitchen kings & queens. You have the power! But as the saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” What power exactly do you have? The power of free publicity, i.e. social media. Just how powerful is social media use among U.S. foodies? According to Sopexa, a global agency for food, beverage, and lifestyle marketing, 90% (of U.S. foodies) use Facebook, 73% use Instagram and 36% use Twitter to find and share food related inspiration. Oh, and just for you restaurant owners – 66% of foodies share food preferences on social media (thank you, Food Drive!). Now you’re feeling the power.

How about the responsibility? If you own a business that’s related to food, particularly a restaurant, make sure you are on the Big 4 — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (check again tomorrow, because it will probably be the big 5 or 6 or 7 by then).

Now, as mom and dad would say, “go be social!” Engage your audience. Not all day, every day, and not always in the same way, but in a way that makes sense for you and your business. Post those beautiful, mouthwatering, work-of-art pictures all over social media. Tweet your specials for the night. Create a Pinterest board with recipes and helpful hints. Facebook Live a cooking technique from your kitchen. Or, if the idea of making this big commitment has you shaking in your chef hat, give us a call. We love food. I love food. And we really love great marketing.

[1]Here is a quiz in case you aren’t sure.

[2] Yes, it is a real thing. Available used for $0.01 on Amazon – go crazy big spenders!

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