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TQS: Our Summer Of Plans

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when TQS-ers begin talking non-stop about our summer plans. I wanted to provide a healthy outlet for this non-stop chatter (because some of us have work to do, like writing this blog), so I let everyone tell me all at once about the best and worst that this summer will be bringing to our lives.

Allow me to introduce the key players. There are seven of us here at TQS. By request, we will be referred to as the following:

  • Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-As-Brave-As-Sir-Galahad
  • The person that filled out the survey
  • You know who.
  • Me
  • The son of Diane Meslinsky and Harvey Lingle, 0920
  • Scary picture of a mask
  • Jerry


Now that you all have a good idea of who’s who, let’s dive in.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

SIR ROBIN: Gin & Tonics

THE PERSON: Getting out and enjoying the warm weather

YOU KNOW WHO: Spending time outside

ME: Nice warm weather for hiking!

0920: Summer. Also, our new pool. Also, a family vacation to Wally World.

THE MASK: Sun, warmth, thunderstorms, the sound of birds in the morning, the sound of crickets at night.

JERRY: Concerts


SUMMARY: We are looking forward to nice weather and the side effects of nice weather.


What are you least looking forward to this summer?

SIR ROBIN: Last summer

THE PERSON: Not getting out and enjoying the warm weather if it’s rainy

YOU KNOW WHO: Bug bites

ME: Rain

0920: Winter

THE MASK: Shit weather weekends, yard work, watermelon, sun

JERRY: Mosquitoes


SUMMARY: Bugs and rain are the worst.


How many times do you expect to mow your lawn this summer?




ME: Once. I want to create a bunny refuge.

0920: 22

THE MASK: 11 or 16

JERRY: One more time than my neighbor. It’s in his hands.


SUMMARY: Lawn mowing is a different experience for everyone. Don’t project your own ideas of lawn mowing onto others.


Do you have any exciting plans for this summer?




ME: Yes

0920: I expressed this in my earlier response


JERRY:Seeing Childish Gambino in NYC, among other concerts. The CG one “is the shit right there,” though.


SUMMARY: Jerry is too good for this office. We don’t deserve him.


Do you have any unexciting, dull or tedious plans for this summer?

SIR ROBIN: Only unexciting people make unexciting plans

THE PERSON: Most likely


ME: Yes

0920: I plan to clean out my entire garage. This will likely be a multi-day event.


JERRY: Landscaping. Yuck.


SUMMARY: Did you know that 0920 is the ATM pin of the son of Diane and Harvey?


What is your favorite summer food tradition?

SIR ROBIN: Popsicles. Strawberry rhubarb pie.

THE PERSON: Anything grilled.

YOU KNOW WHO: Watermelon. Grilled meats. Lemonade. Fruit pies. Plus popsicles.

ME: Summer shandy

0920: Watermelon. Grilled meats. Lemonade. Not fruit pies. I’m not a fan of fruit pies. Coincidentally, I’m also not a fan of fruit flies. I also like iced tea. I also love, and I mean LOVE, cooking steaks on the grill.

THE MASK: Lasagna, cracked red pepper soup, sushi.

JERRY: Grilled meats.


SUMMARY: We’re a meat-eating, popsicle loving office. And we won’t apologize for it.


What goals do you think TQS should try to achieve this summer?

SIR ROBIN: Let’s see if we can master a human pyramid.

THE PERSON: Become the Frisbee golf champions of the Northeast U.S.

YOU KNOW WHO: New clients. New projects. Fun. Lunches.

ME: All the goals! At least a hat trick.

0920: I think we should try to stay in business. I’d also like to coordinate a TQS summer outing of fun. Lastly, let’s try to remain active. Because inactivity may or may not imply death.

THE MASK: Staff water gun/balloon war, weekly field trips to the new playground after a few rounds at Hamm & Fattey’s.

JERRY: World domination.


SUMMARY: We’ve got big plans, man.


Anything else you want to know about our summer plans, goals and food preferences? You can also ask us on Facebook or Twitter (@SquirrelQuilted).


So until next time, this has been another edition of TQS staff interviews in which you learn about what matters to the creative maniacs in this office.


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