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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2016 was a year. Exactly one year, in fact. And with no way of knowing what the heck 2017 might be, we here at TQS have dedicated several minutes to reflecting on what we’ve cleverly dubbed “the past year.” And since Jerry and Chris are massive Gilmore Girls fans, they begged me to create our own A Year in the Life homage.

I learned a couple important things about my coworkers this year. 1) If I write Monty Python references into things, they will not recognize them. 2) If I write The Office references into things, they will recognize them. This says almost nothing about my esteemed colleagues, other than the indication that they probably don’t know how much a witch weighs but they do know what pretendonitis is.

As a group, we completed many projects that we’re proud of. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that we’ve welcomed many new clients this year, in addition to working with many clients that we welcomed in years past. And we hope to welcome even more new clients in 2017. And get rid of some old ones that have gone bad. Are you on that list? There’s no way of knowing. Disclaimer: all our clients are wonderful, and we thank each and every one of you for the opportunities you’ve given us this year.

When asked to reflect on 2016, my coworkers were overwhelmingly fond of one specific event. In early September, we did a Buffalo Pedal Tour. It was full of activities. There was pedaling. Touring. Seeing Buffalo. There may or may not have been drinking involved. Dennise lost her phone, and we were all touched and amazed to witness our first authentic miracle: it was found unbroken and un-stolen in the parking lot where we started. We’re expecting official confirmation from the Vatican any day now.

Rachael was fond of getting hired.

Earlier this year, Dennise asked me if I’d like to get tacos for lunch. I told her I don’t like tacos. She told me I just hadn’t eaten the right taco yet. I asked her to find me the “right” taco and I’d eat it to prove that I just don’t like tacos. She finally found the taco. I ate it. Dennise was… right! I just hadn’t eaten the right taco. What a whirlwind that was. It came from Valle de Mexico, for anyone who is interested. Update: I’ve since eaten other tacos, and they were gross. It’s difficult to pinpoint where that leaves me on the taco spectrum.

That’s it for 2016! Taking the time to really think it all through, it’s amazing that we had any time to get work done at all, between that one night we did a pedal tour and Dennise’s great taco search. But somehow we managed (The Office reference alert!).

What are we looking forward to next year? Many things. Wednesdays. Extravagant events with the Moon. More beer tours. New staff. Perhaps an outdoor seating area.

In other news, TQS is currently finalizing our own rebranding. So keep your eyes peeled for our new website, in addition to other branding updates. This is the last edition of this newsletter as you know it. Don’t worry – it’s not going anywhere. But it’ll be different next year. We hope you like it!

So until then, go ahead and take stock of your own year. And try not to feel bad if you didn’t go on as many pedal tours as we did (1). There’s always 2017!

P.S. There’s usually candy here.

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